London and the Isle of Wight Festival

In and out of London but it was really splendid. First off I saw two fantastic plays: “Sweat” about some factory workers losing their jobs to “downsizing” and the owners pitting friends against friends—see it— and “The Lehman Trilogy” about generations of the originally German Jewish immigrant brothers and their rise to power and wealth—all roles played by three excellent actors, script like a Greek play poetic poignant —also brilliant

Toured Brick Lane looking for street art with my Slovakian friend Jozef.

Stayed with my oldest friend—Anni Klaus—in her beautiful home, a rose covered Victorian full of art and color. She generously fed me daily feasts.

The Isle of Wight Fest was rainy muddy and the friendliest fest I’ve ever attended It’s an amazing music festival with two stages and a complete midway in the middle as well as of course lots of food. Danced in the front to Fatboy Slim, loved
Bastille and the many cozy little stages with deejays—Smirnoff, A Pimms picnic enclosure, an eco oriented cider garden. Everyone was tarted out in crazy 60s clothes—color, bell-bottoms, mismatched patterns, lots of tattoos and all ages dancing and greeting me, welcoming me no matter where I was. Best fest ever






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  1. Coral Avatar

    Perfect Summer! Your writing is positive and inspiring! I cant help but smile and imagine you happy as a calm in the english magic adventure! Lovely! Enjoy! Xo

  2. Jasmine Hohenstein Avatar
    Jasmine Hohenstein

    It is always great to read about your travels Katrina! You live life to the max…I am inspired by you! HAPPY TRAVELS

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