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ZEGG-A Week in Community

An hour by train out of Berlin, Belzig is in the formerly East German countryside –of lakes, streams, forest and fields of corn, wheat, and sunflowers; –of small villages with new homes built into 17th, 18th, and 19th century wattle … Continue reading

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Summer life here is so easy and welcoming–I live in Kreuz-kolln–a neighborhood that was once all Turkish and quite poor and still has half its population Muslim–with the women all covered in clothing–but not black or dreary at all-silk scarves … Continue reading

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Christopher Street Parade–Berlin

CHRISTOPHER STREET –PRIDE PARADE–  I settled in with a Kindl (beer) und Fritz (French fries) and felt sehr Deutsch…Set to begin at 12:30, the parade itself didn’t arrive until 2 but beforehand people came and came and came, some dressed … Continue reading

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New Rochelle and Ursuline High School Reunion

Last Saturday I made La Pilgrimage to New Rochelle–my hometown–….first an egg salad Bagel and coffee to get me on my way, then the #5 Express to Grand Central—its vast and beautiful dome so familiar and exciting really—the grand entry … Continue reading

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Fashion & Politics 2010: Flying Blindly Backwards

Consider the fashions today.   Do you think the images mean anything significant? Witness Tommy Hilfiger’s faux family lounging around their Ford woodie Wagon on butterfly chairs and atop Tartan metal coolers—striped university colored scarves and camel haired coats, tweeds … Continue reading

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Juneau, Alaska in June 2010

June is the right time to come…as the skies are full of every shape and color of cloud while the air is fairly warm; the flowers are abundant–buttercups, berries, cow parsnip and rainforest jungles of moss and lichen covering everything–bark, … Continue reading

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COACHELLA 2007 Oh where to begin???? I just came back this afternoon about 4 (I left Coachella at 6:30am) feeling like the festival was a marathon which I thoroughly enjoyed but which was a lot physically like Burning Man–but without … Continue reading

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At Home at Stars

Why do I find this moment so exquisite, so rare? ‘S’Wonderful,’ the blonde woman plays on a fine old Steinway I taste the salad–exotic greens, Gorgonzola Blue, candied pecans–and sip a smooth dry Chandon cocktail. in this most elegant of … Continue reading

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98 in the Shade

98 in the shade as ravens circle up to the sun Heat shimmers from the slickrock the air is hot still silent Here in the shade a rattler waits under a juniper tree for the afternoon wind Here in the … Continue reading

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What I Got from AM Radio

WHAT I GOT FROM AM RADIO It never occurred to me in all these years of listening to rock and roll that I signed up a long time ago for perpetual teenage torture. It was always a bad moon rising … Continue reading

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